CMS Privacy Policy

CMS is committed to protecting your privacy and security. This Privacy Policy describes how we treat the information you share with us on our and websites.


How does CMS use the information on its websites?

  1. CMS does NOT collect or retain any low-level Internet protocol information. These protocol items include Cookies, IP Addresses, and Domain Names. These items are only used to facilitate navigation within our and websites.

  2. Some of the services provided by CMS may require a Visitor to register. This registration information is only accessible by the specific CMS Customers (APEX/SBDC) that the Visitor registers with. The information gathered includes common contact data which may include names, addresses, phone numbers, and attributes about your business that will help the APEX/SBDC organization help your business. CMS does NOT sell your registration information, nor does it share your information with anyone other than CMS Customers.

  3. Each CMS Customer (APEX/SBDC) can offer classes, seminars, and RFQ notifications for products and services. These offers are sent via email. Visitors have the option to opt in/out for each of these of offerings by contacting their APEX/SBDC.
CMS uses industry standards and best practices to protect
its websites and the information the websites contain.

CMS only stores information for active CMS Customers. Information for
deactivated customers is removed from our servers within 31 days of deactivation.

You can contact us via or (806) 353-0919